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Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1917, Mary Pickford)

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is a 1917 silent comedy-drama film directed by Marshall Neilan based upon the novel of the same name by Kate Douglas Wiggin. This version is notable for having been adapted by famed female screenwriter Frances Marion. The film was made by the "Mary Pickford Company" and was an acclaimed box office hit. When the play premiered on Broadway in the 1910 theater season the part of Rebecca was played by Edith Taliaferro.

Scene from the film

Mary Pickford - Rebecca Randall
Eugene O'Brien - Adam Ladd
Helen Jerome Eddy - Hannah Randall
Charles Stanton Ogle - Mr. Cobb
Marjorie Daw - Emma Jane Perkins
Mayme Kelso - Jane Sawyer
Jane Wolfe - Mrs. Randall
Josephine Crowell - Miranda Sawyer
Jack McDonald - Reverend Jonathan Smellie
Violet Wilkey - Minnie Smellie
F.A. Turner - Mr. Simpson
Kate Toncray - Mrs. Simpson
Emma Gordes - Clara Belle Simpson
Wesley Barry - School Boy/Ringmaster (uncredited)
Zasu Pitts - Undetermined Role (uncredited)

Production notes

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm was filmed in Pleasanton, California.

Run time 69 minutes 32 seconds
Audio/Visual silent


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